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TRAKTOR now plug n play with PIONEER CDJ/ DJM's !!!
 04th September 2012
    It's never been easier to set up TRAKTOR in the club. The latest 2.5.1 software update provides plug and play usability with Pioneer's CDJ series (2000/900/400) and DJM-900 Nxus Mixer, thanks to advanced HID support. Use the CDJ to access tracks, cue points, loops and more in TRAKTOR, with all relevant information on the CDJ's display - fromtrack artwork to detailed waveform displays.    This integration gives CDJ users access to powerful features such as TRAKTOR's remix decks, sync, superior cueing and looping, intuitive browsing and world class effects. TRAKTOR memorizes your settings, so every DJ booth becomes your DJ booth, no matter what equipment is installed Source: www.native-instruments.com  
 11th July 2011
ABLETON    I would like to say a BIG THANKYOU to the guys at ABLETON for authorising Ableton Live on my new replacement laptop after the theft of all my kit.  Now to recreate all new samples and prep for the next gig in France 14th July! Creativity starts here.     Dj'ing with  Ableton Live just brings that extra dimension to personalize your sets, used with Touchable for iPad and it's just unlimited what you can do!!    Thanks again guys    Oli
I Guess it had to happen eventually!!!
 23rd June 2011
Unfortunalately, after playing in London, I had my kitbag stolen from my hotel in London, Premier Inn, Brentford. The Police did nothing cos it wasn't deemed an emergency!!! It was for me, alllllll my Dj'ing kit plus my back up drive ( was working on my back-catalogue of tunes =) !!!! 10Yrs worth of  work, plus my 5 latest tracks ready for a new album. A lesson learnt there I think !! Gutted! But one has to move on!! A big thanks to all my Dj mates for  offering me some of their tunes!
QUENCHED at Thirst.
 03rd May 2011
       I'm excited and proud to be Dj'ing a new night called "QUENCHED' at Thirst bar/ club in Plymouth. Quenched will be a monthly night on the first Fri of every month, starting Fri 6th May.     The idea is to create a much needed underground Tech House/ Tech Trance scene in Plymouth. The night will bring the best and newest Tech House and Tech Trance and, will feature guest Dj's and Musicians.     If you miss Ibiza, this is the night for you!!
Cd's, Vinyl, Software.....Aghhhh. (Part 1)
 11th February 2011
The argument between Dj'ing tools seems to continue...    I am a Dj who learnt to Dj using Vinyl, and swore I would never use Cd's (when CDJ's first came in), then swore I would never use a laptop! I now mix using Traktor, Ableton and Cd's. ( my friends took much amusement as I progressed to the next 'I will NEVER' Dj tool.)    There seems to still be a stigma about seeing a Dj using a laptop, and, to an extent, I agree. If a Dj is just mixing two tracks together then I see no reason to use a laptop, just get on the decks and learn your trade!! (apart from perhaps a multi-genre Dj who needs thousands of tracks at his disposal ), however, the freedom and flexibility software brings is unrivalled by any Cd decks. ( including the latest in Cd decks!)    Firstly, not all Dj's are 'A' list Dj's, playing at clubs with the best and latest equipment or, who can demand a certain piece of equipment to be provided., therefore, if a Dj can turn up to a gig with as much equipment as he can, that he is familiar with, then the better the experience will be for Clubber, Dj and Management!! Software can provide a substitute for a multitude of equipment ( decks, effects, synths, whatever really.) In a small bundle and cost!    Secondly, the speed with which  technology is advancing in the music world, whether software or hardware, is so fast, that keeping up with the best and latest products (and, more importantly, familiarising yourself with them!! ) is no mean feat! Software can easily be updated with new features and Dj tools at a reasonable price compared to hardware!    I believe that if a Dj choses to use software then his/ her set should consist of a barrage of added samples, vocals, percussion, effects etc to give  the Clubber an experience unrivalled by simply mixing two tracks, made by other people, together . Software gives the Dj unlimited flexibility in which to be adventurous, where the limitations are only governed by the imagination of the user!     A Dj has  always, and should always, strive to be creative, different, inspiring and, more importantly entertaining!! After all we are but humble entertainers and the important people are in the audience!!    I feel this won't be the last we'll hear about this subject.........           
Macbook Air Trackpad issues!
 03rd February 2011
      This is just a quick note to help anyone having issues with their new Macbook Air trackpad.     The first solution is to update to the latest  firmware from the Apple site ( http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1270 ), but the most useful and successful solution I found was pressing  ALT + CMD + P + R on startup and wait until it starts up a couple of times before releasing!      If the problem persists contact the tech guys at Apple or a doctor......( for the broken hand!).
Oli Power sponsors successful trip to the North Pole
 21st June 2010
Antony Jinman, Eric Larsen  and Darcy St Laurent attempted a North Pole expedition from 3rd March to 22nd April 2010. Antony and his team mates skied and snow shoed ( and sometimes swam !) over 500 miles from Cape Discovery to the North Pole for 51 days.