Oli Power
Djebel by Oli Power_(wav)


Oli Power is a Dj/ Music producer with a Funky Tech House/ Techno sound.

Oli plays in Holland, France, Belgium, UK, Ibiza and all over Europe, and is always looking to play at more colourful and energy filled venues and events.

His first experience of dance music was back in ’91 when the rave scene was spreading across the UK. He was a student at Plymouth Poly (or Polytechnic South West ? It was a long time ago! ) studying mechanical engineering . Oli walked into the academy in Plymouth ( an old converted theatre), paid his 10er to get in and was simply blown away by the energy and vibe of the place.

Oli went on to study Sound Engineering, with the intention of setting up his own studio. The plan was to set up the studio in the French mountains, combining his love of the Alps and music. During all this time he was still practicing to mix on his precious budget decks. His first break came when a bar owner, called Jos, invited him to play at his bar and the next year he ended up with a residency there. For the next couple of years, he played at clubs and bars all over the Alps, where he had several residencies. Luckily, a Dutch promoter and event organiser saw him playing and asked him to play in Holland at a festival called Frequence outdoor in 2006.

He is now a seasoned Dj and entertainer, with a passion for the music he plays and creates. More recently he has dedicated himself to the studio, creating uplifting Tech house and Techno tracks (originals and remixes.) with a slight influence from the Trance scene.